Traders have been in disagreement to which the best Forex trading approaches are for ages. That debate is very likely to continue for a lot more years to come. What the majority of people that are new to Forex trading need to know is what is the best and how do we identify it as the best. I want to first of all think about what a trading approach would be then look at two distinct types and asses them equally.

A Forex trading strategy or system is only a set of rules a dealer will use to enter, exit and correct his trade. The answer to which is the best can’t be determined simply by looking at the results of a strategy but by looking at the dealer as well. Psychology is the single biggest issue traders’ face when carrying out a losing commerce. The ability to be able to stick to your own rules during a winning or losing transaction can be challenging. It is for this reason many traders will turn into automated trading strategies to conquer the psychological issues they are faced with. Automobile trading using EA’s has its advantages but it is a proven fact that markets are actually random which means a strategy working today may not work tomorrow.

What about a mix of both?

You might be the best analyst in the world and still be a terrible trader! How many times have you ever taken a transaction with your analysis in mind then left early or never taken the transaction in any way. interactive brokers account management isn’t taking the planned transaction cause you could not commit then taking a random trade that was not planned and losing. Sounds ridiculous when you read that situation but it happens every day.

Imagine a system where you could use your own analysis to prepare a trade then use a trading platform to take over and execute your settings so you didn’t have the Psychology to take care of. Certainly this would be the best Forex trading system. The fantastic news is these trading strategies are about but not many people are giving them away. You could nevertheless have a program coded for you which takes transactions according to your rules and eradicates the psychology.